Stamp of Software Debugging
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Writing software is one thing. Being sure it works as intended is another. Raymond Zhang's new book on software debugging enables us to make that next step with confidence. It will prove invaluable to software engineers.

— Professor David J. Hand, Imperial College London

Raymond Zhang has written a thorough and comprehensive guide to software debugging, perhaps the most critical step in any successful software project. He demystifies the subject, moving from essential basics to advanced techniques. This book should be part of every working programmer's library.

— G. Pascal Zachary, author of“Showstopper: Windows NT and the Next Generation at Microsoft”

In my experience, Raymond Zhang is an extremely accomplished individual who has most graciously provided feedback to me on several of my books, occasionally pointing out instances where I was in error (also very graciously). I'm quite sure that his monumental new book on debugging techniques will prove of great value to the engineering community.

— Tom Shanley, President of Mindshare

Indeed, a debugger is an essential tool to master if you’re going to do any sort of system programming.

— Matt Pietrek, Under the Hood columnist for MSDN Magazine



感谢张银奎给Syser Debugger开发提供了指导性的意见。张先生这本调试巨著详细介绍了关于软件调试的方方面面,是目前为止软件调试方面的最权威著作之一。相信这本书一定能让各位读者在软件调试和开发方面受益匪浅。这本书应该成为每个软件开发人员的必备宝典。




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